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4 Events

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Suikerrock 2020, The Farewell Edition
30 Juli –2 Augustus 2020, Tienen

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  • Thursday, 30 July : first names tba soon
  • Friday, 31 July : The Sisters Of Mercy, White Lies, more names tba soon
  • Saturday, 1 August : first names tba soon
  • Sunday, 2 August : Tom Jones, De Kreuners, Peter Koelewijn & The Rockets, Mathias Vergels, more names tba soon

Suikerrock will unfortunately hold its ‘Farewell edition’ in 2020. However, this farewell will not change the traditional formula: Just as during the previous 33 editions, Suikerrock will take over the historic city centre of the sugar city Tienen. The Grote Markt, the second-largest main square in the country, will remain Suikerrock’s heart and soul with its Main Stage and national and international performers. The Grote Markt remains the corner stone of the festival, but in addition the Veemarkt and the streets in between the Grote Markt and Veemarkt will complete the Suikerrock circuit.

On the Veemarkt, all attention will be focused on the younger crowd with great DJ sets for four festival days in a row. More than ever, you will be able to feel and see Suikerrock in Nieuwstraat, the Hennemarkt, the Wolmarkt and Peperstraat. The Grote Markt atmosphere will also be extended to these areas and visitors will be able to enjoy quality drinks and food stands and great presentations. You will be able to literally feel, taste and see the new Suikerrock: Feel the vibe, taste the sweetness!