Our logos come in three primary colors to be paired with the accompanying backgrounds:

Download the Ticketmaster Logo Package here.

The Ticketmaster logo should always be surrounded by generous space. The diagram below defines the minimum amount of clear space needed, which is based on the height of the t.

Color Palette

Our primary palette consists of three colors: Ticketmaster Azure, Black Pearl and White. These have been carefully chosen to work well with our corporate palette.

R 2, G 108, B 223
C 100, M 52, Y 0, K 0
PMS 300C

Black Pearl
R 31, G 38, B 45
C 98, M 76, Y 50, K 54
PMS 303C

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Our trade marks are patented and protected by intellectual property rights. So use it only as permitted. You may use our trademarks as Ticketmaster customer, sponsor, affiliate or other authorized user. Aren't you? Contact us.

Remember: Downloading and/or using our trademarks, you agree to be informed about our guidelines.

Not permitted:

  • If you supply goods or services to Ticketmaster, call us in a customer list, press release or any other form of marketing or promotional expression, without our preliminary permission. Show our brands in a way that implies a relationship, affiliation or endorsement by Ticketmaster of your product, service or company.
  • Use our trademarks as part of your own product, company or service name, such as metatags, AdWords, keywords, etc.
  • Change our trademarks in any way, for example by changing the design, the color or the rotation, or by adding animation or other effects.
  • Our designs, fonts and color combinations, or copy or imitate the look and feel of our trademarks.
  • Combining our brands with another names, trademarks, graphics or generic terms without our written permission.
  • Present our trademarks in a way that seems that it's the most prominent or distinctive what you've created.
  • Claiming to have rights on our trademarks, whether it's by registration or domain name registration or similar trademarks or something else.
  • Use our trademarks on merchandise or other products (or packaging), such as clothing, hats, mugs, etc.
  • Spread our trademarks on anything whatsoever it's related to pornography, gambling, obscenity or any illegal activities.
  • The use of our trademarks within any form of gambling, contests or other forms of promotion.

PS: These guidelines are subject to change without any notice and permission from the use of our trademarks and can be withdrawn at any time.