Bilzen Mysteries

Captivating sound and light promenade

Relive the rich history of the Grand Commandery Alden Biesen during a night-time multimedia walk packed with surprises. A feast for the senses, unique in Belgium!

Immerse yourself in the past! The Grand Commandery Alden Biesen is brimming with stories. Ancient secrets lurking in the darkness are brought back to life. With Bilzen Mysteries you experience the past of Alden Biesen as if you were there yourself!

Groups and companies

Groups (20 people or more) and companies can order tickets via

Individual tickets

Your imagination on fire

With a tablet in your hand and headphones over your ears, you make an unprecedented multimedia journey through 800 years of history of the Teutonic Order.

From the Knights Templar on crusade, over dancing nymphs in the romantic Temple of Minerva, to a devastating fire ... Immerse yourself in the enchanting scenery of Alden Biesen and a fascinating story based on true events.

Your guide is Lord Biesen, the last owner of the castle. He knows the site inside out and reveals all the secrets of the Grand Commandery to you one at a time.

Video, sound and light effects thrill your senses and intensify the experience. The past has never been this exciting before.

Bilzen Mysteries: experience it for yourself during a one-hour spectacle.

Lord Biesen awaits you...