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Isabelle Beernaert

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3 Events

About Isabelle Beernaert

Isabelle Beernaert
  • Naked | Belgian Premiere
  • Saturday, 24 October | Kursaal, Ostend

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Isabelle Beernaert is a successful and well-known choreographer in The Netherlands and Belgium. She produced the theatre productions Ne Me Quitte Pas (2011), Et Après (2012), C’est la Vie (2013) and Red, Yellow & Blue (2013-2014).

She is a choreographer since 2009 for the television show So You Think You Dan Dance (NL/BE) and in 2012 for Ukraine.

Her education at the Royal Balletschool of Antwerp (Belgium) gave Isabelle a strong classical and technical foundation. Isabelle won The International Dance Award of modern-jazz technique in France and worked with and for several international known choreographer's and events at that time.

“The theatre is the most magical place on earth. It enables the choreographer to combine choreography, light and stage design to create a story through dance” – Isabelle Beernaert