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Alcatraz Hard Rock & Metal Festival

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Alcatraz Hard Rock & Metal Festival Tickets

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3 Events

About Alcatraz Hard Rock & Metal Festival

4 Days Of Headbanging

Nope, that’s not a typo! Next year you’re getting not three but four days of Alcatraz. It seems only fitting after a year when Covid-19 robbed us of the many festivals that usually add spice to our summer. The gates to the prison yard will swing wide on Thursday 12 August and we’ll keep rocking until Sunday evening 15 August. So tone up those neck muscles for four days of metal mayhem. Hell yeah!

  • From 30 April to 31 May our festival-goers had the chance to apply for a ticket refund. As of 2 June, customers who opted to keep their tickets can find these (with adjusted dates) via "My Account".
  • “I already bought a combi ticket so what about that fourth day?” This is bound to be one of the most popular FAQs so let’s answer it right now: combi ticket holders will not be charged extra for this fourth day!
  • What’s more, those fans who don’t have a ticket (yet) will shortly be able to buy their combi or VIP ticket (for 4 days) at the ‘old’ rate.
  • This six-month early bird campaign will last until 15 December to give our visitors ample time to buy cheap tickets. Only then will prices be adjusted for combi and VIP tickets and at this time day tickets will also go on sale.
  • Please also take note that the campsite will be open from Thursday 12 August until Monday 16 August. This means that four is still the maximum number of nights, as was originally the case for this year’s cancelled edition. Camping prices remain unchanged.

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