King Baudouin Stadium

King Baudouin Stadium

Marathonlaan 135 Avenue du Marathon 1020 Brussels Belgium

Conditions of entry

Conditions of entry to the King Baudouin Stadium:

- By entering the stadium you signal your consent to a scan and search of your bag or rucksack. You will be refused entry if you refuse to allow a scan or search.
- The organizer and/or official ticket distributor reserves the right to verify the identity of a ticket holder.
- These items are not allowed to the stadium: weapons, knives, sharp objects or other objects which the organization considers dangerous, drugs, explosives, fireworks, glass, cans, cartons, plastic bottles, sprays (deodorants, perfumes), alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, camel bags/water backpacks, large backpacks (>45 cm height >30l volume), tripods and selfie sticks, drones, professional photography, film or recording equipment, tablets, drinking bottles/drinking cups/mess tins, horns and other items capable of making a loud noise, lasers, flashlights, blankets, footrests, (folding) chairs, umbrellas, baskets, cool boxes, (motor)cycles, skateboards, skates, smart phone flashes, inflatable objects such as beach balls and balloons and Frisbees. These items are not permitted and may be confiscated by the security personnel. Items may be added to this list at any time.
- Sticks and poles must be removed from pennants, flags, banners and signs. Flags and signs may be no larger than A4 (= 29.7 cm x 21 cm). Maximum 1 A4 per person is permitted. These objects must not show or contain messages of a political, religious or inappropriate nature.
- These items are allowed to the stadium:
o Non-drinkable liquids and gels in amounts up to 100 ml, with a total maximum of 1 liter
o Small, non-professional cameras
o Mobile phones and smartphones
o Sunglasses
o Cigarettes
o Hats
o Medicines
- We advise not to bring gifts for the artist.
- It is forbidden to sell illegal merchandise inside or outside the stadium. T-shirts and souvenirs are officially sold inside the stadium only.
- It is forbidden to hand out flyers or sample products in or around the stadium.
- Camping is strictly forbidden. Doors open at 5.00 PM.

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