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The Sisters of Mercy

26 Sep

Avenue du Rock'n'Roll, 5 4361 Esch-sur-Alzette

Start Fri, 31.03.17 10:00

Event information

Event information

Over the past 30 years, The Sisters of Mercy have had plenty of high points, three utterly brilliant studio albums, a host of great singles and legendary gigs. The Sisters Of Mercy will be remembered as the greatest British gothic punk band.
Despite not having released any new material since 1993's single "Under The Gun", their music still sounds as fresh and exciting as they did from the outset. Furthermore, having been cited as a major influence by the likes of Metallica, Nine Inch Nails, My Chemical Romance and a host of others, it would be fair to say they're anything but a spent force riding the nostalgia train. Indeed with several new yet unreleased songs in their locker, we can only live and hope that one day a fourth Sisters record will emerge.
The Sisters of Mercy have seen many ups and some downs during their career, which is normal for a band that has existed for decades, but the fact that they are still out there performing on stage and delighting their most loyal fans proves that this band is a true legend. If you visit their website, Andrew Eldritch brings it to the point:
"We are a rock'n'roll band. And a pop band. And an industrial groove machine. We are intellectual love gods. We make records, sometimes. We play concerts, sometimes."

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Ticket limit: 10
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How to get to the Rockhal ?

Public Transport (It’s Free!)

Every ticket you buy for a show here at the Rockhal is valid for free public transport within the whole Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg. Make use of this as it helps to prevent pollution and also avoids that you are stuck in the traffic jam before and after the show.
Your concert ticket = your travel ticket. This service is offered to you in collaboration with the Local Transport Authority. So why bother with a car … when all you have to do is show your concert ticket (hard ticket or e-ticket) to take the train or bus free of charge across the Grand Duchy to the Rockhal, and back.
The Rockhal recommends access by train via line 60: Luxembourg-Bettembourg-Esch-Pétange, which provides a link with the hall every thirty minutes (stop: Belval Université, directly at the Rockhal). In principle, for your return journey after concerts, you can catch the train via line line 60. For concerts in the Main Hall, additional trains can be provided for other railway lines. For more information on this subject, please consult the web sites of the Mobilitéitszentral and/or the CFL.

By car

1) Is Rockhal far from my house?
Antwerp : 260 km (2h50)
Ghent : 280 km (3h00)
Brussels : 225 km (2h30)
Liège : 190 km (2h00)
Namur : 160 km (1h50)

2) Directions
A4 Luxembourg Esch-sur-Alzette, direction Esch-sur-Alzette
Drive on this highway to the end. The A4 ends in a roundabout, then follow the Rockhal signage to available parkings. (see map)

3) How to find Esch-sur-Alzette ?
Adress on a new software GPS
Street: avenue du rock’n’roll
City: Esch-sur-Alzette
Code: 4361
Country: Luxembourg

GPS with older systems
Street: rond-point Raemerich
City: Esch/Alzette
Code: 4010
Country: Luxembourg
Or: N 49° 30' 2.75'' E 5° 56' 48.25''

Age control

Children and young people under the age of 16 may only enter the arena if accompanied by an adult. Both should be in possession of a valid entry ticket. Carers or persons with parental power are responsible for keeping a watch on them. Children under the age of 6 are fundamentally only allowed to attend events in the company of an authorised adult. In principle, children require an entry ticket. For parties the minimum age is 16.

Access for persons with reduced mobility

I am disabled, can I attend a concert ?
The Rockhal is a fully accessible venue. Thus, adapted infrastructures are offered to visitors with restricted mobility and wheelchair users which enable them to benefit from concerts without any restrictions.
The following facilities are available for them:
• disabled access parking,
• accessible sanitary installations,
• separate entrance for wheelchair users and people with restricted mobility,
• reserved seats for wheelchair users for shows with numbered seats,
• an elevated platform in the venue offering wheelchair users and people with restricted mobility who need a seat the best possible view of the stage (for non-seated shows).

Please contact venue Service Team (via e-mail at or +352 24 555 1) so they are able to book the best possible space for you. They are able to help you for shows which are organised by the Rockhal and are happy to bring you into contact with the respective person in charge for shows which are organised by external promoters. As there is only a limited amount of tickets available, it is required to book fourteen days before the event, at the latest. You are only entitled to such tickets on presentation of an appropriate certificate (certificate of disability) and depending on their availability.

Parking space:
Guests with restricted mobility (certificate of disability) may benefit from reserved, free parking spaces which are located right next to the Rockhal and offer them barrier-free access to the venue. In order to make use of one of these spaces, please contact venue Service Team (via e-mail at or +352 24 555 1) fourteen days before the date of the event, at the latest. On presentation of a copy of your certificate of disability, your car park ticket will be sent to you per mail, offering you cost-free access to these parking spaces. The car park at the Rockhal currently offers 7 parking spaces for the disabled. Requests will be treated in the chronological order of their arrival. If ever all the parking spaces located next to the Rockhal are booked, there are other car parks available in the immediate vicinity at Belval where more disabled access parking places are available. They offer barrier-free access to the Rockhal as well, yet they are a little further away from the Rockhal's entrance. For further information, please click here.

Please use the “Guest / Press / PMR” entrance which is located on the right of the front entrance.

For all-seated concerts, venue Service Staff will be glad to help you find your reserved seat. For entirely non-seated events, wheelchair users and people with reduced mobility may use a special platform in the venue offering them an optimal view of the stage. Prior registration is strictly necessary for this purpose (cf. “Tickets” section). In order to offer this service to a maximum number of authorised people, the access to this platform is exclusively reserved for guests with restricted mobility (on presentation of a certificate of disability). Carers are not entitled to access to the platform. However, the Service Staff may allow accompanying people to access the platform on the day of the event if its maximum capacity is not reached.

Opening Times

Normally shows in the Main Hall start at 20h00 (opening act) and doors open at 19h00. For shows at the Club, starting time is 20h30, doors open at 20h00. Anyway - there might be exceptions, so please check the info on our website carefully!

Can I take pictures?

No, cameras are not allowed inside the Rockhal. And if you use your mobile phone for taking pictures, please imagine what the people behind you can see of the stage when there are hundreds of cell phones in their view...

Food & Drinks

It is not allowed to bring your own food and beverage to the Rockhal. However, a large variety of drinks and food are offered here. You have got the choice from snacks at one of the stands in the foyer up to a full menu in the restaurant.

Can I leave the Rockhal during the show?

No, when passing the control gate you must know that all exits are final.


The Rockhal has its own security department, and because they are present to ensure your safety such agents are authorised to carry out searches.
In accordance with the regulations in force, and for your own safety, the following objects are not allowed inside the Rockhal:
• bottles (glass or plastic)
• food
• small beer bottles
• motorcycle crash helmets (to be left at the cloakroom)
• any recording equipment (audio equipment, photo apparatus, cameras, etc.)
• smoke bombs
• laser pens
• knives
...and more generally, any dangerous objects.


... is not allowed in the venue, but you can smoke in a separated space in front of the Rockhal.

Parking at the Rockhal

Please be aware that the car park close to the Rockhal only has a limited number of spaces. So make use of the public transport, which is for free if you have a concert ticket for a Rockhal show.

CFL Parking
Concerning the parking facilities at Belval we recommend to our customers to make us of the CFL parking which is situated directly at the train station Belval Université and only 2 minutes by foot from the Rockhal. Access to there before and after especially bigger shows is easier and faster.
Even more important - Where I can't park my car?
It's not allowed to park your car on the sidewalks of the roads here at Belval. You risk to be ticketed or even worse, that your car will be impounded by the police.

Delivery Fee
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* Prices as shown are excluded of delivery fee and payment fees (per order). These costs will be added later in the ordering process.