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Daan has been writing, diving, digging, working, flipping, singing, like never before. As always, the idea to make a new album could only excite him if there was a new direction, a trip, something he never did before. After indie, electronics, rock, or classic intimacy, he wanted to return to the sounds of his childhood, early seventies. So he took horse riding lessons and went to paris a couple of times too much. With the creme de la creme of pop, jazz, balkan and classical musicians he made his own symphonic Chapelle 16. ADHD pop drowned in 70ties B cinema tunes. But most of all, il y a énormément de morceaux en français, co-écrit avec le cinéaste Thierry Dory. If you listen through the orchestra's jungle you'll recognize familiar elements from all he has recorded before, but with more accuracy, drive, and métier. A vivid and wicked introduction to How Not To Get Bored By Life.

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  • 22 Sep 2017 Fri 21:00
  • Daan

    Fri 21:00
  • Fri 21:00




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